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Day 84: Mile 800

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Leaving Glasgow today and hiking into another town, Lexington. I ran into 2 thru hiker girls yesterday that I have been leap frogging with and one of their husbands is visiting and shutting them around. They offered to take me into Lexington. It will be nice to get a hotel room to myself. Today I have 11 miles mostly downhill and flat. The trail is pretty muddy today after several days of evening storms. Had my first whip out today. Slipped on a slick mud section, fell forward and skinned my right knee and shine. Was able to clean and bandage it. Itís tender, but I can still walk on it just fine. Thankful Iíll be in a hotel room tonight where I can really clean it. Took it nice and easy the rest of the way especially since my ride was behind me. Made it to the road about 3:30pm and they showed up about 4pm. The hotel was in walking distance of a Walmart and Ruby Tuesday, but thatís enough. Got myself a steak and a few things from the store and called it a night. The other girls said they were going to zero tomorrow and then get back on trail. Well you donít have to try to hard to get me to zero at this point, so I guess thatís what Iíll be doing. LOL.

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