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Day 86: Stealth Camping for the first time

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Nice and slow morning today. We went to the Waffle House next door and had a nice breakfast. Didnít make it back on trail until 10am. Planned to do 14 miles to the shelter, but make cut it back with how slow Iíve been. There was also trail magic that I hit in the afternoon and took a nice long break. I was impressed by Tree Frog who was cooking peppers on the lid of her stove for her sandwich. I wish I had been more inventive with food on trail, but I always end up getting the same stuff. Iíve been meaning to stealth camp alone one night and this might be a good night to try. Taking it nice and slow to try and keep motivated, but ready to be in Waynesboro. After 12 miles I found a pretty spot next to a creek. There was only 1 good tent site, so it prevented other hikers from stopping. I did better than I thought. Wasnít done setting up camp and eating until 7:30pm and sun sets by 9pm. Was a surprisingly cold night. Slept in my puffy and socks.
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