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Dirk's Rambles

July 8, 2021

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Had breakfast at the usual breakfast place in Duncannon before we hit the trail. Trail Angel Mary, who is famous and considered trail royalty, picked us up at the hostel to take us back to Rt. 225 and the trail. Before we left the restaurant, we had an opportunity to meet and get our picture taken with Nimblewill No Mad, an 82 year old hiker who is trying to break the record as the oldest hiker to complete the AT. When Trail Angel Mary picked us up, we drove past Nimblewill walking out of town. She wanted to stop and take a picture of him, so we did.

After several miles, TwoKnee decided his leg was not in good enough shape to conintue, so he went back to the hostel to take several more zeros. I will continue on by myself and he will join me up the trail.

I walked 20.8 miles today. I think this was my longest walk since starting the trail.
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