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Dirk's Rambles

July 11, 2021, Port Clinton

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Met TwoKnee in Port Clinton at the Pavillion, which is owned by a local church. It is open for hikers to stay there, though not all the neighbors there are crazy about that. One neighbor has a sign on their garage next door to the Pavilion that reads "Hikers not welcome." The Pavilion is at mile 1219.8.

Russ Davies cousin is meeting us there with a package that was mailed to his address that contains a new pair of boots and a sleeping pad for TwoKnees. Russ's cousin is Dave Crouse. He met us with the shoes, had a nice conversation with him, then took some pictures. Nice guy!

We decided to take go to a hotel just outside of town, on the other side of Cabela's. We will spend the night there then hit the trail again tomorrow.
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