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Dirk's Rambles

July 15, 2021

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We are zeroing today in Jim Thorpe, PA, courtesy of Margaret White and Charley Sproule, both of whom I worked with at Adelphoi back in the day. Charlie and Margaret were married in Jim Thorpe a number of years ago. One of the nicest weddings I ever attended. Theresa and I enjoyed it thoroughly. Jim Thorpe used to be called Mauch Chunk in the 1800's and early 1900s and was the place of coal miner unrest. A movie staring Sean Connery was made in the 1970s telling the story. A number of Irish Coal miners were hung in the local prison for murder of several people, including at least one police officer. One of them proclaimed their innocence of the murder. He made a hand print on his prison cell that he claimed would never go away as proof of his innocence. Reportedly the hand print is still in the prison.

We very much appreciate Charlie and Margaret's hospitality. Margaret is true Trail Angel!! Thank you for everything! She picked us up from the trail yesterday and will be taking us back to the trail tomorrow.

Margaret owns a restaurant in Jim Thorpe called Stone Row Pub and Eatery. Above the restaurant is an apartment, which is where we are staying. It is really nice! We are currently binge watching a great TV series called "Ted Lasso" starring Jason Sudeikis. Had lunch at the hotel downtown and walked around town. Jim Thorpe is a beautiful place. Well worth the visit for anyone. And don't forget to eat at Margaret's restaurant!!

Last night we had dinner with Margaret, Craig Adamson, Courtney (Craig's girlfriend) and her two kids across the river in a small village. Very much appreciated Craig and Courtney making the one hour drive each way to come and be with us. Her kids asked a lot over excellent questions about the trail.

Tomorrow we climb Lehigh Gap, reputedly the third worst climb on the trail. We will start at mile 1259.8.
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