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Dirk's Rambles

July 30, 2021, Poughkeepsie, NY

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We left the trail last night about 5 pm to nero in Poughkeepsie, NY after a cold rain and a good soaking. Called Trail Angel Chris who drove us 45 minutes to Poughkeepsie. Couldn't find a room closer. Hope to dry out.

Left the trail at mile 1451.7. It is on Rt. 22 at the train station that many hikers use to go into NY City. None of us are interesting in the city. We wanted to get a good nights rest. I woke up at 1 am yesterday morning to the sounds of trucks driving around the cement factory and never got back to sleep. I'm beat!

We have been able to stop at delis for the last three days. We have had the option to camp at of them in their yard but only stayed at the one called the Mountain Top Market at mile 1437. Haven't had to delve into my food pack much. It's nice eating real food.

We should cross over into Connecticut today. Connecticut is our first state of the New England states. From where we left the trail we have 734 miles to go to Katahdin, Maine, our finishing point.
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