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Bobblets Gap Shelter Buzzard Rock Sunset at Whitetop Mountain AT VA

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This was a two day, two night hike to fill in gaps between Jennings Creek @ AT Mile 758.5 to Bryant Ridge Shelter @ AT Mile 762.3, Bearwallow Gap @ AT Mile 751.9 to Bobblets Gap Shelter @ AT Mile 748.9, and Whitetop Road @ AT Mile 492.5 to Elk Garden @ AT Mile 494.9. The trail between Jennings Creek and Bryant Ridge Shelter is pretty plain with not many views. On this trip I skipped the section between Jennings Creek and Bearwallow Gap because the shelter along that section is dry and I did not have enough time to get in and outI hit that on a later trip. This time I moved the car down to Bearwallow Gap and hiked South to Bobblets Gap Shelter to stay the night. This section had a few nice views along the Blue Ridge Parkway, but most of the hike was brown tunnel. Bobblets Gap Shelter is excellent, with a very convenient spring and super clean privy. There are not many tent sites there (only one that I saw). It rained that night and I ended up staying in the shelter. The highlight of the trip was on day 2, when I moved down to Whitetop Mountain and filled in that section to Elk Garden. The terrain and trees were wonderful, as were the views all along the summit of Whitetop Mountain. I chose a camp site near the spring on Whitetop and hiked down a mile to Buzzard Rock to witness a great sunset. That night the front really came through and it snowedI ended up leaving at 0630 in the morning during a snow squall.
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  1. COMEBACK JACK's Avatar
    Well done sir, you gave respect to one of my favorite sections of the trail.
  2. Kaptainkriz's Avatar
    Thanks so much for the kind words!
    Quote Originally Posted by COMEBACK JACK
    Well done sir, you gave respect to one of my favorite sections of the trail.