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Jenkins Shelter to Brushy Top - Laurel Creek - Appalachian Trail Virginia

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This was a quick overnight to complete some miles between Jenkins Shelter (AT Mile 580.5) and US Route 52 at Brushy Mountain Outpost (AT Mile 591.8). I parked at the big parking lot on VA615, Suiter Road / Laurel Creek in the Trail Boss Loop parking area (AT Mile 584.9). This is right on the AT and excellent parking. The trail North to Route 52 is pretty uneventful. Fortunately, there were a lot of mushrooms sprouting from all the wet weather and a few late blooming flowers were left. Otherwise, it’s a pretty plain section. After hiking North to Route 52, I returned South to where I started. There is ample camping just North of Laurel Creek bridge…one site with a picnic table right on the trail. Rather than stay there, I continued South to Jenkins Shelter, another 4.4 miles. After getting up on the ridge, the trail was a very soft flat forest road for most of the way to Jenkins. Jenkins Shelter area was very nice with lots of tent space. The privy was pretty sad…I’d rate it with a “D”.
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