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A couple of years ago, I wrote about Earl Shaffer and the project to preserve a trail shelter that he built, which at the time I had helped to disassemble; ultimately it was to be reassembled as an exhibit for the Appalachian Trail Museum.

Here's a picture from that previous post:
Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Camo tearing out the floor of the Earl Shaffer shelter.JPG 
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(That's me, helping to take it apart)

Last month, it was time to put it back together:
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Name:	Earl's shelter for blog.JPG 
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(Me again, helping with the restoration)

There were a few people working on this job. In fact, for this phase of the operation the guy who was in charge of it even managed to recruit a Northbound "thru" hiker to assist us, and he was very helpful indeed. Between us all we managed to get it done in a couple of days...Saturday and Sunday.

Here's the finished "product":
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Name:	Earl's shelter for blog 3.JPG 
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The A.T. Museum had its Grand Opening on National Trails Day, which was on June 5th this year...
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