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Troll's 2010 AT Journal

Bills squared away and Amtrak ticket purchased

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Wow, I got a lot accomplished yesterday. Renewed my driver license, pick up a new military ID card. I set up automatic withdrawal for my life insurance and mortgage insurance policies so they get paid while I am gone. I also got my debit card set up for my hike. I looked over my finances and it looks like I will be better off bill wise than what I thought. The only bills my wife will have to worry about paying while I am gone is the electric, phones, cable/internet and her food and gas for the car. If she can not cover those bills then there is definitely something wrong.

Today I called Amtrak to asking about their pricing and how far in advance I should purchase my ticket. They explain that as the train started filling up the price of the ticker would rise. It was $40 cheaper to take the train one day earlier from our original date. I called my partner and we decided to leave one day earlier. We went ahead and purchased our tickets and changed our reservation at the Hiker Hostel.

Yahoo, there is pretty much no turning back now without losing money. I am almost there.
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