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Troll's 2010 AT Journal

More memory cards

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I received my last order from newegg.com yesterday. I picked up two more 8gb memory cards. That gives me a total of 8 cards now. With each being 8gb. That should be plenty enough for my camera. I also picked up a four port usb wall plug for charging my camera or any other devices when I get to a town.

I also place an order yesterday for a ccf pad to place under my sleeping back in my hammock. I will be using a down under quilt under my hammock on the outside but it only covers the torso. I purchased the ccf to put under my legs. I will cut it when it comes in to only cover my leg area.

The only thing left to get for gear now should be my gravity feed water filter. I will contact the person after this post and check on the status of it. I have a PUR water filter already in case this gravity feed filter does not come. I would just like to get the gravity feed filter to save a little weight.

I am also test this post by sending it with my blackberry.
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