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Troll's 2010 AT Journal

Wondering why people start in February

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I spent the morning redoing my mail drop listing and reading through some journals. After reading some of the journals and seeing that there are more people starting their thru in February than I realized. This had me baffled and wondering.

  1. Are these people leaving in February because they are anxious to start and do not want to put it off any longer than that have to?
  2. Have they done there research?
    Do they realize the colder weather they are going to run into?
  3. Are they worried that they need to start that early because they think having a two month leeway window will help them?
I would like to see the statistics of people finishing that started in February.

I am not saying that these people should not start in February and I am not saying it is a bad thing. I am just thinking out loud and wondering.
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  1. moytoy's Avatar
    Two other things come to mind.

    1 Maybe to have some solitude.
    2 Or maybe to test their metal.
  2. whistle dixie's Avatar
    i'm planning to leave feb 21 i'm thinking i have to pack a little more gear but plan on taking 2 weeks off when i get to the smokys and who knows might need to take more time than that but garantee i wil finish the trip with the lord willing. does anybody have any tips for someone like me leaving this early
  3. SurferNerd's Avatar
    I leave Feb28. It's about costs for me, I'd have to shell out another month of rent to remain around longer, plus gas, food, and other items that are eating into valuable hiking dollars.
  4. Tuney's Avatar
    I'm wondering the same things Rick. I live in North GA, and I'm trying to get in at least 2 more shakedown hikes before I leave for CT in April. But I'm still waiting for a weather forecast that gives me at least 3 days with temps above freezing before I go out there again. My pack is packed and weighed in. Ready to go on a moments notice.

    However, I'm planning on enjoying myself while I'm on the trail. I can tell you hiking in the wind and mist and fog in December wasn't fun, and there weren't even any good views.