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Troll's 2010 AT Journal

Worries and concerns [PRE HIKE]

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There are not to many worries and concerns that I have that known serious issues on the Appalachian Trail. I will voice a few concerns tha I have though.

Even though I have talked to literally hundreds of hikers that have thru hiked in the past and they assured me that the first two are nothing to worry about. I still have some other concerns.

1. Rattle snakes. Hiker says they are rarely ever seen and when they are seen they are out in the sun sunning themselves and nothing to worry about.

2. Bears in the Smokey Mountains. I recently talked to some hikers that had a bear come right up next to them and just sit down within 50 feet of them and watch them. He did not bother them but I am concerned about them while I am sleeping. I figured if I stay in the shelters in the Smokeys and in a group I will be fine.

3. Injury/knees. I have knee problems once and a while. I have knew surgery about 14 years ago. I am hoping if I start out slowly and let the muscles build up around my knees that it will strengthen my knees and prevent any problems from reoccurring or happening. Other then that the only other problem I foresee would be unexpected injuries.

4. Monotony. I am worried that the tedious and same day to day routine will start to get to me. I am hoping that getting into the grove with the right hiking group will prevent this.

5. Bugs and ticks. Ticks will be a concern down south because of the warmer climate. I will check myself daily but there are spots I will not be able to check myself. I can only keep my fingers crossed on this. Bugs will not be a big concern until I get in the upper New England area between June through mid September. I figure by the time I reach that point that I will be numb to the bugs or at least I am hoping that will be the case.

6. Issues at home. This is not something that is in my control. My wife does know how much this means to me. I know she will not drag me home for some stupid issue. It would have to be a death in the family of something just as serious.
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