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March 7, 2011 1 Week Out

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Down to 1 week to go. The plan is to leave out of FVB VA on 14 Mar and drive to Georgia to start my Quest on the 15th or 16th. I just finished my schedule for 9 mail drops from Springer Mountain to Harpers Ferry. Each MD holds 5 days of food and fuel. Each Maildrop is about 112 miles apart. I will self resuply in towns between maildrops to keep costs down. My home packaged meals cost about $2.60 a day including breakfast, snacks, and dinner.
My wife has been such a huge supporter of my Quest. She is the one pushing me out the door to do this. She is great!
I am really excited about getting started and meeting fellow thru hikers on my Quest.
I have been pretty relaxed and tried to put off scheduling anything as i want to just go and enjoy the experiance without getting wrapped up on needing to be some place at a certain time. Which is why i only schedule 9 maildrops for the first half of the trip. This will allow for plenty of cushion for me to enjoy my time and satisfy my families needs for knowing where i am and getting pictures to and from me.

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