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Troll's 2010 AT Journal

My thoughts on my resupply plans [PRE HIKE]

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At this point I have decided not to have any planned food or mail drops for the entire thru hike. There are enough road crossings where I can hitch into towns and get my supplies. I do not want to have to depend on the post office and it hours for anything.

I will start out with a few mail drops at the beginning to see if I can get my wife involved in my thru hike and see if it will get here active and sharing in on the excitement of it. I was figuring to have two to test the waters with my wife. These first two will probably be at Neels Gap and Dick's Creek at the Blueberry Patch. If they work out I will have her do some more.

I will have a bounce box that I will bounce up the trail using "Priority Mail" shipping. The reason for "Priority Mail" shipping is because as long as you do not open the box the PO will push the box forward for you at no charge. I will only be bouncing it to major towns that I know I will be stopping at. I am thinking of bouncing it every 100 miles or more because if I do it 50 miles or less just to end up retrieving one item, I will be wasting money and it will be stupid. It will most likely end up being a 2 - 3 week interval.

So far here is a list of items that may be in my bounce box, medicine, batteries, extra town clothes, phone charger, ibuprofen, vitamins, memory cards, town clothes, extra glasses, vitamin/mineral supplements, small tubes of suntan lotion, toe/fingernail clippers, nail hardener.

I need to work on the items more as I do not plan on bouncing them to often.
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