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Troll's 2010 AT Journal

Moving along

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Drama, drama, drama, I have a lot of that going on right now. I promise everyone and myself that it will not end my thru hike.

I have three days of vacation left at work. I took two of them next week at the end of the week. I scheduled an appointment next Friday morning to get an AT tattoo.

I am trying to get a haircut appointment next Friday afternoon also. Someone recommended to me that I should get the tattoo and haircut on the same day and I would be a new man. I liked the idea and that is the reason I am trying to get them both on the same day.

The time is getting closer all the time. I am so excited. I am looking forward to meeting people, making new friends and possible hiking partners.

I am now working on getting a physical before I leave. I know I am in good health but want to double check just to make sure. One thing that has been bothering me lately is my vertigo. I have a vertigo issue that bothers me once in a blue moon. It seems like I get it once a year for about a week or so then it goes away. The doctors have told me that it is an inner ear thing and nothing to worry about. I have had it for about a week no. That means it should be going away soon if it is like all the other episodes in the past.

I have been corresponding with other 2010 thru hikers that are leaving this year and hoping to hook up with a few of them along the way. Did I mention that I am so stoked right now? My start date cannot come soon enough.
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  1. Chaco Taco's Avatar
    Good luck dude.
  2. doda man's Avatar
    When you get to Maryland the trail should be well maintained. I work with PATC and the South Mountaineers. Have a safe and enjoyable hike. See ya on the A/T
  3. Shovelhead's Avatar
    Hey Troll,
    Just itchen for April 1st start date to arrive.
    Hope to see ya out there!!!!!!!!!!!!!11