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Don't give Hiking a bad name while in Trail Towns

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I was in Hot springs today and was listening to two people at Outfitter store, some one actually took off the XL Black used old patagonia jacket and hung it on a Hanger and stole the brand new XL black MSR jacket, do you want to stay in a shelter with some one that would do such a thing , would you trust such a person, while your out getting water maybe that person would go through your pack and help themselves to your stuff, the person is probably passing through Erwin, TN right now. I happen to know the owners of the Outfitters store and they do a lot of things to help Hikers.
That is just rude to steal from small business people they struggle the most to stay in business, it is just wrong... if anyone knows the person who did this let them know how wrong they are....
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