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I hiked the AT in NC from Wayah Gap to Fontana Damn in 2001. I am thinking a lot about a thru-hike sometime in the future. I definitely want to hike to Springer Mt. and see how far I can get. Springer Mt. to Wayah Gap is my current goal. I wonder how long that would take.

My first hiking companions were Ashley, Shannon and Mark, who, Thank the Lord, is an Eagle Scout. We started as four and ended as seven people, two dogs! It was an incredible ten days and I'm ready to get going again.
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  1. tomfreeland's Avatar
    My son and I are starting starting at Springer around the 3rd week of June for 9-10 days. Trying to join our sections together into NC. Probably get to around Big Springs maybe further depending on weather. You're welcome to come along with us if you are looking to tackle the GA section.