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Week 6: 19 - 25 April 2011

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19 Apr 2011 - Tues - Day 36: Hiked to Big Wilson Creek Campsite (16.2 miles). Todayís highlight was seeing the wild ponies! Another highlight was that today I hiked the last 5000 ft mountain until New England. My feet swelled again. This time my toes hit the end of the shoes. I am so glad I will get new shoes in the package tomorrow! 70 degrees partly sunny and windy.

20 Apr 2011 - Wed - Day 37: Made it to Troutdale (15.8 miles) and stayed at church hostel. Package was great! Passed the 500 mile mark today.
Lessons Learned:
1. Nylons or compression socks with smart wool prevents blisters.
2. Rubbing alcohol and mint extract are great for washing hands and feet.
3. You are going to get wet. Deal with it.
4. Do not plan on a schedule. Be flexible.
5. There is always another uphill climb.

21Apr 2011 - Thurs - Day 38: Hiked to Chatfield Shelter (21.6 miles). The long miles felt great in my new shoes! Windy, partly cloudy and 65 degrees.

22 Apr 2011 - Fri - Day 39: Hiked to Knot Maul Branch Shelter (18.4 miles). It was an easy day for miles, but it was just hot. 80 degrees and sunny.

23 Apr 2011 - Sat - Day 40: Hiked to Jenkins Shelter at mile 572 (19 miles). It was hot (80 degrees and clear) and the hike was mostly ridge running, so it was not fun.

24 Apr 2011 - Sun - Day 41: Hiked to Jenny Knob Shelter at mile 596 (23.8miles). It was an easy hike except for the fact that the water sources were spaced apart. The thru-hikers on the trail are starting to get spaced apart more. 80 degrees and clear.

25 Apr 2011 - Mon - Day 42: Hiked to Docís Knob Shelter at mile 619 (22.6 miles). Very easy today. Stopped at Dismal Creek to relax, swim and escape the heat. 80 degrees and late rain.

Week 6 summary: Total miles hiked this week: 137.4. Avg miles for hiking days: 19.63. Number of zero days: None. Nero days: None.
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