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2010 Hiking Gear list for the AT

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ULA Circuit= 2lb 2oz
WM Alder MF= 2lb 2oz
Gossamer SpinnTwinn= 9oz
Ground Cloth +Stakes= 7oz
Pack Liner Compactor Bag= 2oz
Sleeping Pad= 8oz
Total=5lbs 12oz
DIY Bug net= 15oz (pick up when needed)
Black Diamond Trail Trekking Poles= 1lb 2oz (ducktape on both)
NF Filght Searies Wind Shirt= 3oz
Columbia Fleece= 8oz (no zipper)
WM Vest= 7oz
Silk Cashmere Shirt= 9oz (for sleep)
Terramar Leggins Med weight= 6oz (black in color for walking in)
Patagonia Cap1 Shirt&Pants= 8oz (leggins for sleep)
Beanie= 2oz
Manzella Glove Liners= 1oz
MH Shell Gloves= 2oz
2Pair Wigwam low-cut socks= 2oz (have the 3rd pair on)
Exofficio underwear= 2oz
Total= 2lbs 8oz
Rain Gear:
OR Foray Raincoat= 14oz
Rain Pants= 7oz (will send home when it warms up)
Total= 1lbs 4oz
Spoon= 6.3grm
Pot= 45grm
Lid= 13.7grm
Stove= 6grm
Stand= 8.6grm
Windscreen= 5.3grm
Cozy= 13.1grm
FireSteel= 14grm
Heet Fuel bottle= ?
Total= 3.9oz
Water Treatment:
Sham Wow for prefilter= 12grm
2 liter platy= 1.4oz
1 used Aquafina 1liter Bottle= ?
Total= 1.8oz
Hygiene Kit= 1.4oz

1st Aid Kit:
Couple Band-Aids= 7.4grm
Neosporin= 16.9grm
2 Antiseptic Towelette= 7.6grm
2 Iodine Prep Pads= 2.3grm
Gold Bond Powder= 1oz
Toenail Clippers= 15grm
Mirror w/ needle on back= 15.8grm
Total= 3.3oz
Camp Shoes:
Crocs= 9oz
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