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Hikers Beware!!!

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We recently (May 2011) stayed at the Mounting Crossings Hostel.
This was the filthiest place we have ever seen
since we start section hiking the AT.
There was a dead rat underneath the sofa.
You could hear the crunching of the bones while the cats feeding on it.
Cats were all over the place and peed on my mattress were I had to sleep.
Not to mentioned how the bathroom looked like.
In general, this place hasn't seen a clean up in years.
We were charged $16.- per bed.

In comparison with the Bear Den were we stayed last year it was like day and night.
Clean beds with clean linens and we were charged $12.- per bed.

All I can say, stay away from this Hostel.
This place is condemned.
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  1. virgil's Avatar
    I second that emotion circa May 12th. The store is beautiful, the staff is very helpful & friendly, the views from the side terraces are great, the hostel is a hovel. There are several nice camp sites within .1 miles North of Neel's Gap. Next time I would camp there, shop at the store and skip the hostel.
  2. 's Avatar
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