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Troll's 2010 AT Journal

Spirits up

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What a great weekend I had. My spirits are lifted once again and I am very excited. I wish I could leave tomorrow. I am so very ready for this hike in so many ways.

I worked off some of my “to do” list here at the house.

I am down to under a month for my departure date to leave from Maine to take the Amtrak to Georgia.

I turned in my final notice at work this morning. I already did this once before but they told me they wanted it in writing, now they will have it. This will be my two week notice. It is my absolute point of no return once this is read by the company. This means they will start filling my position and I cannot change my mind. I am very scared but I am ready for it. I am ready for this life changing event.

Mike called me on Sunday to verify my Amtrak arrive time in Boston so he knows when to pick me up. He said he also has all his gear and is ready to go. Everything is in place now, just wanting for the days to tick down.

I have been experiencing some knee pain again but it is minor. I am sure it will go away. I will bring some Ibuprofen with me to help if the pain comes on.
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