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Troll's 2010 AT Journal

Trail Days, Billvilles Useless gear contest

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I spent yesterday morning working on my entry for the Trail Days annual Billville Useless Gear Contest. I think I am onto something with this idea. It could even go to market. Hmm, the possibilities this has. Sorry I cannot say what it is. I donít want anyone stealing my patent.

My knee has really been bothering me the last two days. It has me really concerned. There is no turning back for me now, even if I wanted to. They posted my job last night as an opening because of my departure. I am probably be a little overly concerned with all the stress and everything going on getting ready for my hike. I am sure things will all work out. I just need to keep reminding myself why I am doing this and it is not about the miles, it is about the smiles.

I am looking forward to all the people I am going to meet and all the good times I will have along the way. If anything this will be one hell of a vacation. The down side is that it will have to ends and I will have to come back to the real world.
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  1. neighbor dave's Avatar
    take 'er easy on the knee troll, as you probably know the start of the A.T. is a full on parade of the walking wounded. low mileage to start is a good thing.
    i know someone who walked all the way to damascus with a painful knee, after the brace came off it was katahdin or bust, and yes she made it. you can too!!