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Troll's 2010 AT Journal

Why I am not using TrailJournals.com [PRE HIKE]

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I started out using www.trailjournals.com/attroll but my family and friends found the web site to confusing with all the other people hosting their journals on that site. They also commented that it was not easy to move around in. I found no problem reading and navigating at Trail Journals but then again I have been following hikerís journals on that site for years now. I decided to start working on my own journal web site to accommodate my family and friends. I now have my site completed. The only thing that is keeping me from announcing my web site is me trying to decide on a style or design for the web site. If you are looking at it now on the date I typed this entry then the look may change a few times in the next couple of weeks until I find one I want to stick with. Please be patient with me on this.
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