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Troll's 2010 AT Journal

15 August 2010

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15 August 2010, Cheshire
I have not done a big mile day in a while. Now I remember why. It really tires me out and I know I will be dragging ass tomorrow.

I passed a person that I thought was a hiker sleeping on a rock with a blue Wal-Mart type tarp over them with their feet sticking out. It was a strange feeling because it looked like a dead person laying there with a blue tarp thrown over them. I sure hope it was a sleeping person.

I ran into a couple of nice ladies section hiking southbound, they were doing a 33 mile section. Turnip and Doctor J. They were very nice and friendly. I ran into them as Doctor J was getting ready to head into the woods to pee. They started chatting and I continued chatting with them until I noticed Doctor J dancing a little. I did not want her peeing herself so I politely excused myself and continued hiking.

There were a lot of brier bushes that completely covered the trail this afternoon. This was the worst section of overgrowth that I have had to deal with so far, it was similar to bushwhacking. It sure would have been nice to of had some trail maintenance done in this area before I came through but I dealt with it.

When Hopper and I ran into Gypc Girl yesterday, Gypc Girl told Hopper she looked like she was gaining weight. Since that time Hopper has twisted that all around and said I was the one that says she was fat. I will never hear the end of it even though I was not the one that said it.

I passed four south bounders today and only got three names, Cloud, Wolverine, Daytripper. Wolverine was from New Zealand or Australia or one of those English speaking countries due to his accent.

On the tail on the edge of the town of Cheshire today, Hopper was waiting for me. We stopped at the ice cream for a treat. I walked into town as the AT passes right by the post office. There was a large informational across from the post office with some AT information. There was also a missing person’s flyer on the board. It was for a person named Danny Goldstein. On the flyer it said’ May be hiking on Appalachian Trail”. There were two photos of him on the flyer, one with short hair and one with long hair. He did not look familiar to me. One year later after my hike I search the internet to see if I could find out if there ever found Danny. They found his skeletal remains on 04 Sept 2010 behind a residential area in Rutland VT, sad news. Danny was 34 years old.

A few other things have come to my attention since the start of my hike dealing with the guidebook that I co authored with David Awol Miller. This book was originally called Appalachian Pages. Awol and I split for reasons I will not get into here. Awol went on to publish another guidebook under the name AT Guidebook with no changes except to add elevation scales to the side and other eye candy items. No disrespect is intended when saying this. I have discovered that there are a lot of inaccurate things throughout the book that have hindered hikers using it. I guess I was partly to blame for this when we both co authored it under the name Appalachian Pages. I don't feel so bad now that my name is not on the AT Guidebook. There is a decision for me to make after this hike now. The decision of whether I want to republish Appalachian Pages with all these corrections that I have found and other corrections that have been passed on to me. The problem is, it would still look like Awol's book. I have other great ideas of my own and I have received many inputs from this year’s thru hikers about a different layout. I just need to make the decision on whether or not to move forward with it.
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