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Boots Got Sole

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I just got back from the shoe cobbler and my favorite pair of boots is now resoled and ready for action. Sure, I could've bought another pair or gotten trail runners but, when push came to shove, I decided to go with what was comfortable and I've trusted before.

This particular pair of boots has seen me through all types of weather, all types of terrain, and all types of troubles. So, who am I to tell them they have to stay home this go 'round?

Here they sit, then, all cleaned up with new soles (and treads I haven't seen since a monster truck rally commercial on TV) and ready to go. Sure, they're not light and snazzy like the latest trail runners, but they're my boots and they're going to go.

-- Hat, 2012 NOBO AT

[And, yes, I'm well aware that the likelihood of one pair of boots making it through the entire hike are remote, which is why I'll probably break down and get something else before I head out, breaking them in before I go. But, again, these boots hold a special place in my heart and should get their chance to go.]

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