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leave no trace and only good vibes

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Hey everyone. The AT is such an amazing trail. For the journey that you take within, but also for all the external beauty. A lot of that beauty comes in the form of meeting really wonderful people. Trail angels. They come in all different appearances. Sometimes they feed for free, or they pick you up on the side of the road, sometimes a hostel owner, or a waitress. Trail angels are people that are good to hikers. I know a lot of trail angels. If you are planning to hike the AT, or already have, you can pretty much count on meeting some angels. People who are kind to hikers because they care about them. Often they are answering some type of calling to give. I have found that even if they are asking for a little money, that they are not getting rich off a few dollars from a hiker.
Lately I have been hearing from more trail angels, that hikers are not as KIND and as APPRECIATIVE as they used to be. It blows my mind that someone would not give a great big thank you to someone who has been good to them. I think this is very important. You don't leave your trash on the trail, that those behind you have to deal with. Same principals need to apply in towns, and with people. Leave only good vibes. Be kind to others, even if you are paying them for a service that they offer. How we treat town folks will leave an impression for a long time. Just like burning a fire in an 'undesignated' spot. Some come one everyone. Just like your mom told you when you were little, remember to say thank you. Leave no trace, and only good vibes.
Thank you.
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  1. Land_Shark's Avatar
    I do magic and mojo delivery for the last 4 years and the general attitude has gotten much worse. Many who hike this trail start to think because they are doing it they deserve special treatment I have seen it cannot argue that fact....but, many I do help and have over for a. Meal and slack pack help are thankfull and help with gas and food. Do you know the patience that it takes to sit there and watch the decision paridiem take place go ahead and shoot me:-) I have been there myself but you get lost in it and some times your manners go out the dooor. Hope to see you can't miss me;-)
  2. Meg Wilson Author's Avatar
    ...with your good reputation comes a comfy bed and all the food you can eat in Monson, Maine. Hope to see you there.