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My Packing List

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Below is my packing list. It is a work in progress. I love my postal scale though! haha

Carrying Equipment Weight (oz)
Osprey Hornet 46 Ruck Sack 26
REI dry bag 3.6
REI Duck's Back60 Ruck Cover 4
TOTAL 33.6
Sleep and Shelter Weight (oz)
Big Agnes Fly Creer UL1 tent w/ footprint & stakes 38
Halo +40 Sleeping bag w/compression sack 26.8
Thermarest Z-lite 5.4
TOTAL 70.2
Cooking Weight (oz)
Cooking Cup w/ thermal protection and spoon 6.2
Ethanol in water bottle 14.4
Matches 0
Fancy feast tin 0.4
Clothes Weight (oz)
Polartec Fleece Beanie 1.4
Nothface Summit Series Jacket 10.2
Bandana/Scarf 3.6
Shorts 8.4
Short sleeve shirt 3.6
Exefficio Underwear 2.8
Clothes dry bag 1.2
Silk Pants 3.6
Silk Shirt 3.4
Socks 2.8
Clothes that I am wearing Weight (oz)
Salomon Speedcross 3 trail runner shoes 22.4
Dorfman Pacific Hat 5.6
Exefficio Underwear 2.8
Smart wool socks 2
REI pants 13
Knee Brace 4
Trekking Pole w/ duct tape 10.4
Exefficio Longsleeve shirt 7.8
Water and Food Weight (oz)
Osprey 3L bladder w/ Sawyer filter 16.4
Plastic Water Bottle 0.8
TOTAL 17.2
4 days of food in dry bag 89
8 days of food in dry bag 202.2
Misc Weight (oz)
Poncho 9.6
Medical kit w/ lip balm and super glue 6.2
Sea to Summit Bug net 1
Bear Grylles Leatherman 10.2
Sunglasses 0.8
Misc Dry Bag 0.4
Nikon Camera 4
2012 AT Data Book 2.6
Black Diamond Headlamp 3.2
Bic Lighter 0.6
Rope w/ zip lock bag 3.6
Flip phone wth charger 5
Journal+pen in ziplock 12.4
TOTAL 59.6
Hygiene Kit Weight (oz)
Toilet Paper in zip lock bag 2.8
REI Dry towel w/ bag 2.2
Toothbrush and Toothpast 1.2
Hygiene Dry Bag 0.4
ALL TOTALS (0z) 249.2
in pounds 15.57
W/ 8 days food and 1 liter of water 483.4
in pounds 30.2
Extra Weight (oz)
Garmin GPS12 9
Steripen Adventurer 4.2
Soto Stove w/ carrying bag 16.4
Soto Fuel Can 1000ml 6
Goal Zero Nomad7 Solar Panel 13.6
Soap 4
4 extra batteries for Steripen 1.2
Mountain Hard Wear Gloves 3.4
Filter to Bottle hose 2.2

I removed the extras from what is packed. They are no longer going with me. Additionally, I did not add the weight of the clothes that I am wearing. As well, water was added as 2 pounds per liter.
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