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Hiking for Water So the People in Africa Don't Have To

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I was talking with Hiker Hobs the other day and he recommended that I post this. Here goes:

Students from our youth group are doing a walk for water raising money to dig a water well for 420 people who live in a village within Morogoro, Tanzania. It will support that village for 20 years. I thought it was an awesome cause... But I felt I could do a little more. My son and I agreed that we could probably raise more money if we did something a little more extreme.

In the month of May, my son "Hatchet" and I will take on something we've never done before... Hike 82 miles. After sending out letters of our intent, our family and friends began to send in money to go toward said well. We are excited to say we've raised $825! Tho it takes around $10,000 to bring in a rig, we believe all of our combined efforts will inch toward that goal.

In August, my husband, "PS" and "Hatchet" will travel to Morogoro to see this well come to life. It's exciting to be a part of this project and to know that every dollar raised goes straight to the well (since I won't be traveling to Africa).

Thanks for taking a moment to read about this adventure challenge.