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CT section hike...Attempt #2

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So I am headed out this weekend to try and complete what I have yet to hike of the AT in CT. I will be starting in Kent at the Stewart Hollow Shelter (as I have made it from new york to this point) and will be traveling northward. I will finish by hiking up and over Bear Mountain then back tracking on the Paradise lane trail as I have already hiked into MA from that point.

I just got a new back pack (osprey keltos 55) as I was carrying around an ancient behemoth and am hoping this move saves me alot of weight and aggrivation.

I am super excited and just can't wait to hit the trail especially with it only being 4 days away now.

I will fill you guys in once I complete it.
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  1. elytis's Avatar
    I just weighed my pack and it came in a little under 30 lbs with 4 days worth of food and snacks and fully stocked on water.
  2. scurley's Avatar
    I hiked most of this section last weekend. SOBO Salisbury to Kent. It was a nice walk in the woods. Water sources are good. There is a recommended detour at Guinea Brook but most people I ran into either forded or found some rocks to hop over, I guess the ones that the AT had placed there are "no longer safe". At the spot where you squeeze through the rocks lock up there is a bird nesting there I think it was a turkey vulture or some ugly bridge was not happy with me and hissed until I left. Also avoid limestone shelter .5 miles off trail and 500 feet down. happy hiking.
  3. elytis's Avatar
    thanks for the heads up!
  4. hawkeye's Avatar
    I liked Limestone Springs.
  5. Driver8's Avatar
    Have fun, elytis. That's a part of the trail I've not done yet - I've done from Great Falls to Elbow Trail north of Everett, plus most of the Greylock Range and the southern approach to Stratton. Gonna give Moosilauke a try later today (Saturday) in New Hampshire - hope the weather cooperates!

    PS: Limestone Spring trail is an old A.T. routing and is very pretty. The shelter is in a nice, secluded hollow. If it's a convenient stopping place, I highly recommend it. Plus the water is great down there b/c there's lots of limestone in the ground - you can see lots of it exposed in the brook which runs near the shelter.