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Not much Time

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I am sitting here at the house getting everything together. I can't stop loading and reloading my pack. My wife thinks I am crazy, I just say I love you. Kinda feel like a kid again, like I just got a new bike or something. I have made the choice to mail some food to a few places at the beginning. This will give me some more time to relax when I arrive to the locations, rather than have to go shop. My daughter does not really understand, I don't think. She seems to think that I will only be gone for a short bit. I say sweetheart... Daddy will be gone for 5 months, then she says's Woo Hoo... Still not really knowing what 5 months is. At the age of 10 time is non relevant, as I can remember doing the same kinda thing when I was her age. I love her and her mother very much, this is going to be hard at the start. Not only for me but the 3 of us. I will lose my best friend (wife) and so will she. I will not be able to wake my daughter no more and make her breakfast. All of this is going through my head. This I know will be the hardest thing to get over, and I will.

I have been making some Tripods for Point& Shoot cameras (26gram+/-). I have plans on passing them out as I hike. I hopes of selling them in the future. I am passing them out to get reviews from other fellow hikers. Things such as likes, dislikes, changes needed or upgrades along with pictures of them using my product. If you wish to contact me now and ask some questions. You can email me @ [email protected]
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  1. ekeverette's Avatar
    boy, looks like it turned out great. by the video. im assuming you were part of that bunch. hope mine turns out good. looks like i" going solo..... bummer.