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Troll's 2010 AT Journal

01 September 2010

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01 September 2010, Garfield Ridge Shelter
I started out this morning at Liberty Springs trail head parking are, this added an extra 0.8 miles to the day.

The climb going up Mt Lafayette was not to bad other then it being really hot today. I reached Little Haystack Mountain and I was thinking the next mountain ahead of me was Mt Lafayette only to be disappointed by finding out it was Mt Lincoln. When I got on top of Mt Lincoln I looked ahead to finally see Mt Lafayette. I was already tired by that time. When I finally got up to Mt Lafayette,

When I was climbing Lafayette Restless Legs was walking southbound. He got off the trail back in Bland because of shin splints. He was at the same motel I was at there. He healed up and now he hiking south to where he left off.

From the top of Lafayette, I looked over and saw Mt Garfield down below. Mt Garfield was lower than Lafayette. I still had to go down into the sag between Lafayette and then go over Mt Garfield. I ran out of water in the lost every bit of my energy when I hit the low spot between Mt Garfield and Lafayette. I was very happy to see Garfield Pond. I filled my water bladder and also drank a bunch.

When I got to the top of Garfield someone yelled down to me asking my name from the foundation of the old fire tower above me. It was Lefty. I yelled back saying my trail name and I heard someone from within the foundation say "he's cool". I don't know what that was about. When I got to the foundation I looked over the edge and saw Giant, T-Rex, SK’Rabbit, DB, and Lefty. They had all there sleeping bags set out and one tent set up inside the foundation. They said that they were waiting for the sunset and were going to sleep there tonight. They invited me to stay and I thought about it but I was worried it would get cold there, besides the foundation looked full with them in it. It was starting to get dark so I moved on heading to the Campsite before it got too dark.

When I arrived at the campsite it was a little ways off the trail and the tent platforms where I had to hang my hammock were a ways behind the shelter. I got lazy and put my sleeping bag in the shelter. It was too dark when I arrived to be trying to look around for trees to hang my hammock from. There are only two section hikers here in the shelter with me tonight. I don't know where everyone is that was leaving town today. No one passed me today. I hope they do not roll in late tonight.

I was looking at the map for the day after tomorrow. That was when I was going to try to be at Lake of the Clouds Hut. I am supposed to meet Hopper at Zealand Hut for the night. Then the next night at Mizpah Springs Hut, that is where I see an issue. I just looked at the map and that is a 14.1 mile day. That is a big day for the Whites. I am not sure if I can or want to do that many miles in one day in the White.
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