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Troll's 2010 AT Journal

06 September 2010

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06 September 2010, Glencliff
We headed back to Glencliff today to pick up the 28 or so miles I skipped to jump ahead to meet my hut reservation that I made. Tomorrow I will slack pack south from Kinsman Notch to Glencliff going over Mt Moosiluak. The day after tomorrow I will slack pack north from Kinsman Notch to Franconia Notch. Then weather permitting I will catch a shuttle back to the summit of Mount Washington and continue northbound again.

When I arrived at the hostel in Glencliff today I was very surprised to run into Bismarck and Bluesky. They told me that I just missed Chili and Pepper. Bismarck and Bluesky we're packing up to slack pack over Mt Moosiluak. Bluesky left somewhere around 11 am and Bismarck left over an hour later. I was very surprised at how late they left for this slack pack over this known to be hard mountain. I would not have left this late in the afternoon. They did one other daring thing too. They left me all their gear and told me to have the shuttle provider here at the hostel drop it off at the address in North Woodstock when he dropped us off at the trail head in the morning. When I talked to the shuttle provider (Fat Chap) he said he had no idea where the place or the address was, he had never heard of the place. I will check my guidebooks in hopes that there is a phone number that I can give Fat Chap. If not then I have no clue as to what to do.

Shortly after Bismarck and Bluesky left Llano came in for the night. It was nice to see her again.

We went to the store and got some hot dogs, buns, chicken strips and cooked them up for dinner tonight.

Hopper went to bed around 7 pm as usual, so boring. Everyone else sat around the fire out back talking and having a few drinks until almost midnight. I talked to Chickadee for a while. This was one of the best times I have had sitting around the campfire this whole trip.

Vegan was here tonight. I first met him back at 501 Shelter when his girlfriend was hiking with him at the time and they had just had a vegetarian pizza delivered.

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