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Troll's 2010 AT Journal

09 September 2010

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09 September 2010, Gorham
Slept a little late this morning but I can do that because I am taking a zero day. It looks like I will be taking a zero day again tomorrow and then heading to the top of Washington Saturday to pick back up where I left off.

While I am here in Gorham I have several small drop boxes to put together. I have to put some together for East Andover, Stratton, Monson, and one for the 100 mile wilderness.

I am very concerned about things going on at home. Things like money being spent, wood not being bought for winder yet are just two things that concern me. It has taken a large amount of energy out of me and exhausted me physically just thinking about these concerns.

I have spent a lot of time on Facebook in trail towns and motels and things of that nature, more time than I probably would have back in the real world. I have discovered that there are some people that do not seem to have a life beyond facebook. It is very sad to think that facebook can rule someone’s life.

We went to dinner at the local mexican restaurant and as soon as we walked in the door we saw Gipc Girl sitting in a both with Rocket. It was so great to see Gipc Girl again. We sat for over an hour chatting. They both got off the top of Washington earlier today. They said it was raining when they left Lakes of the Clouds hut and they were soaking wet and cold when they reached the summit. Rocket stated that she could hardly feel her fingers she was so cold and wet. I am glad we ran into Gipc Girl because she is no longer on the trail. Mad Mike is coming to pick her up Sunday. Her passport is expiring and she has to return to Australia. She is really sad that she did not have enough time to finish her hike. She only needed a little less than four more weeks. If she had not broken her foot way back in Hiawassee than she would have already summated Katahdin by now and the passport would not have been an issue. In 2011 Gypc Girl came back to the United Start and started over and finished her hike.

Rocket also said she was heading back up to the summit of Washington on Saturday. I invited her to come along with us and she accepted. That will give me someone else to hike down to Pinkham Notch with that day. Hopper is only going as far as Madison Springs Hut.

The plan right now after Saturday is to head out again on Sunday and hike from Pinkham Notch to US2. That is of course if the hike from Washington to Pinkham Notch does not wear me out. I have been told by other hikers that this section takes a toll on you. Some have said not to do it all in one day, but I will be doing it as a slack pack rather than a full pack.
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