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Troll's 2010 AT Journal

10 September 2010

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10 September 2010, Gorham
We took another zero day today because of the weather. It is not real bad here in Gorham but it is overcast and drizzling, I am sure it is real crappy on top of Washington. It is suppose to be real nice tomorrow.

I had breakfast at one of the local dinners. While waiting for my breakfast I did some calculations and figured that I will most likely summit Katahdin on the 8th or 9th of October or even sooner.

There is a geocaching event going on in Eustis Maine on the 25th of September that I was hoping to attend. Stratton is just a mile or so down the road from Eustis and fellow geocachers said they would pick me up at the road crossing and bring me back. It looks like I may be a day early for the event. I could take a zero in order to make the event but with me getting close to the end and the closing date of Katahdin, I need to be careful of my zero days. The way I am planning it now, I will be only hiking 10 mile days throughout Maine. I did this because I really enjoy Maine and wanted to take the time and adsorb all that has taken place over the last seven months and prepare myself for the ending. I am sure some of those 10 mile days will turn into 15 miles days because of the cold weather starting to come in, the excitement, and wanting to stay with my other hiking family that is pushing towards the finish. I am really hoping that whatever group I fall into prior to my finish date will also want to slow down and do something close to 10 mile days also, but I doubt that is going to happen.

Today I am heading to the post office to get four priority boxes to create for four food drops in Maine. After I get the boxes it will be off to Walmart to get the supplies to fill the boxes. From my figures each box will only need four days worth of food supplies.

When I arrived at the post office today to get my priority boxes, I ran into Jaybird. He was looking thinner but was his same old grumbling self. He was bitching about the post office losing his camera. Then when Hopper came into the post office he made a commit about talking to hikers that are not white blazing. That comment went right over her head because when I asked her later she said he was referring to me. She did not realize he was talking about her, She was the one that was not hiking the trail every day, O well.

We went to Walmart and I got enough food to build the four mail drops for Maine. I also bought some burgers to cook on the grill for myself tonight. While I was cooking I put together the four mail drops.

I called Rocket and I told her we would pick her up in the morning at 07:30 and be heading up the Washington Auto Road at 8 am.

Hopper never wants to think ahead about things. She wants to go with the flow when it happens and never thinks ahead to have some of the expected problem solving done.

I also told Hopper before I went to the post office that I was getting four drop boxes for myself and that we would not have enough room in my drop box for the 100 mile wilderness to put her food and Ben's food in it so she would need to get her own box. She did not get a box while she was there and I did not bother to say anything to her because she is touchy when it comes to planning ahead and probably would have said some smart ass remark to me. When I was putting my boxes together and I told her there was not enough room for her stuff she went off because I did not get a box for her.

I have stopped talking as much as I us to with Hopper and don't even bother disagreeing with her anymore because she turns everything into an argument. If I said the sky was blue she would say it was white.

In a way I am looking forward to the day she goes full pack when we leave Gorham. That day I will not be obligated to stay with her any longer. Right now all my stuff has been being stored in her car. Once we leave her car behind I have a friend coming to Gorham to pick it up and bring it to Millinocket. When they pick it up they will take all my stuff out of the car and store it at their house until I can pick it up later. At that point I will no longer be tied at the hip to Hopper. At one other time came close to leaving her but she pulled something that prevented me from leaving her.

It aggravates me that she does not want to make plans or listen to suggestions about anything more than the current day. I like to plan a day ahead. I donít understand what the big deal is over planning the next day ahead. You cannot always live your life from day to day.
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