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Troll's 2010 AT Journal

15 September 2010

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15 September 2010, Trident Campsite
I went to the post office this morning and mailed all my food drop boxes along with some other stuff I sent home that I no longer need. We went to The Barn which is a hostel to get some phone numbers off their listing for shuttle providers. The first one I called I got no answer. The next one I called said he would not be able to give us a ride for about 20 minutes and then he asked where we were going. I told him route 2 and his whole demeanor changed and he said he was busy for the rest of the day. On the third call the person just picked up the phone and I looked outside and saw that Hopper has gotten a ride so I just said to the person on the other end of the phone that I was sorry I called the wrong number. The guy that picked us up was helping to put a new hostel together on route 2 right at the AT. We stopped in and I met the owners and collected all the info from them. They are very nice people. While there they admired Ben and told Hopper how nice of a dog he seems to be and well behaved. Little do they know that Benís looks are deceiving. After talking them for over 1/2 hour we finally moved on. While we were there Rocket called and I missed the call. I called her back and she said she must have called me by mistake. We hikers have a name for this now, we call it butt dialing. It is usually done but sitting on your phone and it calling a number by mistake. While I had her on the phone I asked where she was and what she was doing today. She said she was still in Gorham and that she was with Crafty and Mandog and they were planning on leaving soon and shooting for Getian Pond Campsite.

It was not a hard day but it was raining off and on and the temperatures were low, it was cold. If I put my rain coat on and hiked with it I would sweat. If I took it off, I was cold. I was able to finally get warm if I kept walking but as soon as I stopped I started getting cold. I was not able to find that happy medium. Towards the end of the day it started getting colder and the cold was getting into my knees and causing them to hurt more than usual. We realized that we did not have enough time to make it to Gentian Pond Shelter. We decided to go into Trident Campsite instead. I would have liked to have made it to Gentian because they have a lean-to there but we would not have been able to make it before dark and the temps were dropping. We got here and set up camp. All the wood in the area was wet. Hopper made a deal with me. She said if I went and got the water for the night she would build a fire, I agreed. The water was not to far luckily and when I got back she had a fire going. It was nice having a fire after being chilly all day and it kept us both occupied keeping it going to pass the time while we made dinner and filtered our water. While I was making my dinner Ice came by the campsite. I asked if he was in for the night and he said he was and Lasher should be coming in shortly. I asked him if he had heard anything from Rocket, Crafty, Mandog. He said they hiked in about a mile and right before the first climb they set up camp.

We saw one other thru hiker today. His name was Monkeyback and he was heading southbound. He flip flopped in Salisbury, CT.

We went up and put our food in the bear box near the privy. Ice and Lasher were set up at the site by the privy so we talked to them for a bit. It is getting really windy and cold out. I am glad we settled down early tonight.
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