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Troll's 2010 AT Journal

18 September 2010

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To come in the future.18 September 2010, East Andover
I forgot to write this little story in my journal about what happened yesterday.

When we were all sitting around cooking dinner in the shelter last night Rocket told us about some underwear she was carrying around. She said she had been carrying it for weeks now. She said last time she did laundry with Thin Mint and a few others they all put their laundry together and was it in one load like most hikers do. When the laundry was all sorted she had a pair of female underwear that was not hers. She said she had been carrying it until she saw Thin Mint again to give it back. Thin Mint showed up at the shelter last night and Rocket went to give her back the underwear but Thin Mint said that it was not hers. We all got a good laugh out of this knowing Rocket had been carrying a pair of underwear around for weeks and not knowing who the real owner was, and the fact that they did not belong to Thin Mint.

We woke up this morning and started packing at our regular scheduled time. Hopper was not feeling any better this morning. I guessed by Hoppers pace and her injury that it would take about two hours to get down to the road, it was only two miles. It was a good guessed because it took us 1:45 minutes to get there. Bear was already walking up the trail. Bear discussed options for things Hopper could do while recuperating at The Cabin. He told us if she was up to it she could use their truck to slack pack me until she felt better and could get back on the trail.

Before we left the shelter, as everyone was packing up Rocket was saying she could make it to Andover for a good breakfast. I told her if she made it to Andover today that I would buy her breakfast. I did this because I didn't think that she would make it, it was almost 25 miles and she would have to go through Mahoosucs Notch. I also told her that she had to walk it and not get off the trail early to get in.

On the way back to the hostel we saw Popcorn hitching on the side of the road going south of Grafton Notch. Bear pulled over and picked him up. Popcorn need to get to a place where he had cell phone access to take care of some things back home. Bear indented on dropping him off on route 2 but Popcorn did not have cell service. Bear offered to take him back to the hostel and let him use their phone. Popcorn accepted his offer and ended up spending the night, and we will drop him back off when I go back tomorrow to pick up where I left off today.

Later that day Rocket called my phone saying she was at North Branch Road out in the middle of nowhere and wanted to know if I knew anyone that could come get her. I asked Bear and he said he would. I rode with Bear to go get her. When we got to her I told her that I did not owe her breakfast because getting off the trail before the Andover exit was not the option for the bet I had with her. On the way back to the hostel we stopped at the store in Andover so Rocket could get a few resupplies. When I walked out of the store Bear was talking to someone that I know I had met before. I asked who he was and he said Slowstepper. I asked Slowstepper if he had a specialized license plate for his car and when he told me yes I know who he was. I did not know his name but I had meet him before and remembered it was at a MATC meeting. Well come to find out he was over in Grafton Notch with trail magic today and hoping also to see me. He had been following my journals. He did not realize that I had taken a short day the second day out of Gorham and that Hopper had gotten hurt on the third day out because I had not posted the last three days worth of journals online yet. I felt bad about not being there. I am glad we saw each other though so I did not disappoint him. We chatted for a little bit but had to leave because Bear had to get back to the hostel. This is a prime example why I stopped posting my journals every night from my phone early on in my hike. The first time I disappointed someone I stopped posting online and kept about a five day delay in posting. I started keeping it more up to date when I got to Maine because I was in my home state and wanted to keep family and friends more up to date.

Here is my comment and opinions on anyone else wanting to try to give me trail magic from now until I summit. I will be very happy to except any and all trail magic anyone wants to give me, please do not stop because this journal entry. However I cannot promise I will be at any specific place at any given time. Weather could change my mileage at any given day. I could decide to hike less mileage on any given day. I cannot predict what I will hike for mileage on any given day. I am sure you may be able to predict where I will be. Please try to do so if you want to but also keep in mind that my schedule could change at any given moment.

Mr Clean came to The Cabin tonight to stay. He has been wondering around in the woods up north picking mushrooms. He thru hike before and has helped out a lot at The Cabin for years. I had not seen him in at least three years.

We had an awesome family style dinner tonight. Here tonight are, Popcorn, Rocket, Hopper, Mr Clean.

Hoppers dog pissed on the side of some of the furniture at The Cabin today and was kicked out of the house. This is not the first time he has done this at places we have stayed at.
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