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Wise Old Owl

Leash your dog PLEASE!

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Quote Originally Posted by Wise Old Owl View Post
Quote Originally Posted by Don H View Post
Ever had a dog jump up on the picnic table and go for your dinner?
Ever had a wet dog come into the shelter and shake water all over your sleeping bag?
Ever had a dog try to bite you while your hiking?

I have. I love dogs, I blame the owners.
Really? No, I have not seen any of that ... must be a cyber hiking issue.

Quote Originally Posted by Don H View Post
By far most of the dog problems I have seen are not owned by thru-hikers, but day hikers.
The vast majority of dogs are well behaved, but you tend to remember the problem dogs.
Oh not day hikers... Don - I apreciate what you are saying ... blame the posters who have a psycological issue with all beasts that scare them. Spiders, snakes, fleas, ticks, bears,- and the list goes on..... folks are constantly posting about fear here on WB. It's good to talk about problems.... the couch isn't big enough.... takes a shelter.

Quote Originally Posted by john gault View Post
Dude, you've never seen a dog shake water all over the place after being in an all-day rain or stomping through a shelter with muddy paws

This place may over magnify some things, but I'd think that anyone with any time on the AT would have witnessed an unruly dog. Count yourself lucky.
Well John we agree. I see the other side - unrully outspoken person. (rare treat) Not referring to anyone here, it happened.

Quote Originally Posted by tdoczi View Post
nope. nor have i ever seen anything like this happen to anyone else. not saying it doesn't happen, but this place tends to over magnify things. to read some of these threads you'd think the AT was full of poorly disciplined dogs running amok ruining everyone's gear and biting people.
Thanks! appreciate the help - Pm sent.

OK … Here is something for all the folks to think about on WB that do not have a dog or pet.. You are preaching to the choir here...

The psychology of the dog forum

PEOPLE - good folk come to WB to learn more about doing the right thing and learning from other dog owners about taking a dog on the available AT and blue blazed nearby trails.... There is no question that many come here just to learn the basics. IF you are a newbie and feel the need to tell dog owners to have a leash... You are killing members that want to be part of WB...

Take a moment!

Last year, I took a look at several threads posted over two years within the forum from hiking dog owners that are really excited to sign up and when they dug into the rhetoric of the dog forum.... stopped posting and in fact moved on – about half in one month or less. You as a group are in fact are chasing member's away with your bark, um post....

As someone who just started to donate to the SPCA and I am in several programs to foster "bad" dogs that have been given up. The “keep your dog at home” and “get a leash” will not make you popular here on this forum.

Many come here to learn or decided for themselves about their pets on the trail. Please, Tone it down or "self" choose to stay away from the dog forum.

As a group I am only asking for consistency here! Think or read what Sgt Rock says before you post. CLICK HERE

My intentions are good, I gave this a lot of thought and this is just for folks to ponder upon. I work too hard to make sure that my dog is “appropriate” for any trail. As a person who has been bitten by a retired police german shepard as a kid delivering newspapers and trampled by a horse... a little later. Folks ya need to move on - Go Hiking.
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