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one of the Gaia founders

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Anyone out there have experience with the Gaia GPS for Androids? A friend had it on his iphone a few weeks back when we did the Art Loeb Trail, kept us from getting lost more than once, impressed me so I put it on my phone today, now I have to learn to use it, looking for pros and cons here. Hopefully I can master it before we do the Foot Hills Trail this week end.
So, I am one of the Gaia GPS founders, and to be honest with you, our Android app isn't as good as our iPhone app yet. We started in the iPhone world, and we have struggled with Android.

Probably the thing that bugs me the most about our Android app is that the pinch zoom on the map is not continuous - it zooms after you pinch, and you don't see any animation. This can be a little confusing, because the pinch will also recenter the map near where you pinch.

Also, the app isn't as stable as the iPhone app, particularly, it seems, while recording a track. I think on some devices, like the Nexus I have, the app works pretty well, but there is a huge diversity of Android phones, and the app is buggier on older phones with less memory.

I think if we could solve those issues, people would really like the Android version, and our reviews would be better - they are pretty mixed on Android right now, while on iPhone, the reviews are almost without exception very positive.

Beyond that, we also need to expand the functionality of the Android app to do a few things the iPhone app does - better POI search, overlay NEXRAD radar on the map, display all of your tracks on the map at once, and a few other things.

So, the Android app is still a bit of a work-in-progress. We would appreciate any feedback you have as you use the app, and we're always happy to offer a refund if the app doesn't work well on your device, or you just don't like it. We're also happy to get more beta testers to help us test new releases, so if you are interested in that, please send me a note at [email protected]
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