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Working on success for 2013 hike

Made it to 280lb today

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11 December 2012

Made it to 280lb today and am walking with greater ease. Soon as hunting season ends I am looking forward to hiking some longer trails with my pack on. As for my gear I am happy with it; with the exception of my tentís weight, great tent, lots of room which I like. I do have a smaller tent which I used on my long bike trips, but it has room to lie down and that is it. Spending most of my time now making arrangements to leave my wife with as little to worry about as possible (yard work, bills, car repairs and such). I am thankful, although she is not 100% on board, she does understand this is important to me.


  1. RePeter's Avatar
    Congrats on the weight loss. That is fantastic. Sounds like the preparations are going well.
  2. Danl's Avatar
    congrats on your weight loss.
  3. Sman's Avatar
    Just 30 more pounds and I think I should be in good shape for the hike. Thanks!! Danl you still coming to Mayfield?
  4. Danl's Avatar
    i would like to. probably after the first.