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Son Driven

Son Driven

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Why Son Driven?,

Father of three sons 30, 27, & 25. I am also a follower of Jesus Christ the Son of God. So I am Son Driven on two fronts.

I am planning on doing a GA-ME thru, I am planning on being on Springer Mnt. by 2/22/13, depending on weather. I plan on Sunday's being zero days, and will write a short recap of my week on Sunday's, from this day forward.

11/11/10 I was 257 pounds, diabetic, had gout, used a CPAP machine to sleep, and the Veterans Administration diagnosed me with a major depression disorder. When I started to help with making 10 gallons of coffee, 11 qts. of gritts, and 10 qts. of oat meal every day, and serving it to the homeless in Minneapolis over a year ago I was delivered from my depression, I now weigh 202 pounds, no longer diabedic, no gout, no CPAP, and am not taking any medications for anything.

So I figured living on the AT for six months would be a good way for me to better identify with the homeless, that where used to cure me of my health issues.

Happy trails!
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