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Eddie's Challenge II - An Appalachian Adventure

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Eddie's Challenge is an annual adventure undertaken by my grandson and myself as part of his homeschool curriculum. Last year we walked across our home state of Rhode Island (51 miles) over the course of five days. We studied the local history and geography of the towns along the way, and even incorporated a fundraising component that raised over $4K for our local animal shelter. Most of the walk was on bikepaths and roads, but the last 9 miles involved a wilderness hike on the Trestle/Hop River Rail Trail. This turned out to be the most fun of the entire trip, and has inspired us to find an adventure this year in the woods and mountains!

We are totally psyched about this year's adventure (Eddie's Challenge II - An Appalachian Adventure). Our goal is to hike from Harper's Ferry, WV to Pine Grove Furnace State Park, PA, a distance of approximately 82 miles (if all my maps and guides can be believed)over a period of 12 days. While that may not seem like many miles per day, we have a lot of history, geography and science to learn along the way!

Now what started out a simple (choke) 2 week camping/hiking expedition has morphed into a full-fledged plan to Section Hike the AT over the next 4 years. This year's Eddie's Challenge is just the beginning of an annual goal of 400+ miles of section-hiking between April and November of this year, an April start at Springer in 2014 for up to 2 weeks, and who knows when and where after that!

The ultimate purpose of all this is to educate my grandson, and myself, on the wonders of the wilderness and the history and geography and ecology of wherever we trek. My plan is to open the occasional forum question about each new region to learn from those who have already found what it has to offer. I don't know if it will actually take a village to educate a child, but I'm banking on it taking a Trail....

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  1. erieite's Avatar
    Great post. I would like to do my thru-hike in 2014 and have my Grandson (age 12) join me for a week somewhere on the trail.
  2. Teacher & Snacktime's Avatar
    Well, we'll be at Springer in 2014, probably around mid-April. If you're starting around that time and your grandson is with you, perhaps we can share some miles and the boys can experience the wilderness together. Glad you liked our post.