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Teacher & Snacktime

AMC Hike at Monastery in Cumberland, RI

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"We're knee-deep in it now!"

At least, that's what I was thinking yesterday, when we completed our first-ever hike in the snow. I can't say I'm a fan, but the location was beautiful and the company was great. We went out with members of our local AMC on a leisurely 2.5 miles. The snow had been tamped down by the leader and her husband the day before with snowshoes, but more than half of the hike was in 6-8" of unpacked heavy stuff. It was more strenuous than I had been expecting, but not too difficult and probably better preparation for the reality of the trail than any of the hikes we've undertaken so far (not in terms of terrain or length, but on exertion required.)

My only regret on this hike is that I let myself be unprepared....I forgot the water bottles and brought no snacks. While this might not sound like a big deal for a short 1 1/2hr, 2.5 miles, both of us were quite lathered before long due to the snow depth, and dehydration was definitely a concern. Plus my grandson isn't called "Snacktime" for nothing! This growing boy needs lots....LOTS of fuel to keep going, and we had none. Who'd have thought such a short outing could result in such a ravenous thirst and hunger? Well, anyone with a pre-teen would have (should have) known.

On the plus side, an important lesson in "being responsible for one's own hike" was learned, as well as "double check up on Grandma...she forgets".
I suspect our experiences on our section hikes will be very up and down, but I am confident they will be SO MUCH FUN!

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