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Son Driven

Why the AT? Why now?

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While listening to the radio, several months ago, a conversation about the AT was going on, I was only half way listening to. Then the promptings began. I could do that. I have the time, money and health to hike the AT. A year ago I was delivered form a depression when I started working with the homeless in Minneapolis. Is this prompting from you Lord? Do you want me to be able to better identify with the homeless, by being homeless while on the trail. I have a history of not finishing what I start. Is this my opportunity to take on a challenge and see it through to completion, so I can put not finishing things behind me? Perhaps this will some how benefit my three sons, they can see that there father took on a challenge, and finished it. Does the creator of the AT have things he wants to show me, and teach me while I am out on the AT? Is there an encounterís he wants me to have?

All embolden I set off and did a series of training hikes, with every hike I felt more encouraged by what I could do. Then I got an over use injury in my heel, doubt soon followed behind. While reading gear lists, convertible nylon pants kept appearing. "I do not need those I have a pair of pants and shorts I can change into". While out doing errands, an urge came to me to check out the Good Will store. Why? I am getting rid of everything I own, and my pack is set. When I went into the Good Will I walked right to a pant rack, and the first thing I touched was a pair of like new North Face nylon pants that where a perfect fit. These are nicer then the ones I have in my pack now, so I bought them for $7. After I got home I realized the legs zipped off, these are $70 pants that I got for $7. Then thinking back about how I unwillingly went to the Good Will, walked right up to these pants, and they were a perfect fit. It was like the creator of the AT was telling me I want you to do this, and I want you to have these pants. After this happened I have not had any second thoughts about heading down to Springer Mountain.
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