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quick update on some major challenges

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Hi all. More of a quick shout out then a full update. Tomorrow marks one month on the trail for me.

It appears that I have been traveling though some large challenges and that is much of the purpose of this note. At first it was very cold and snow. That was alleviated through becoming part of a group. Added to that was the high altitude which really effected me and limited my ability to recover from each days hiking.

The cold and most of the high altitude behind me the next challenge seems to get though a AT hiker plague zone. A area that has been hit so hard by the noravirus that the CDC has gotten involved. All members of my group I was traveling with has gotten this except for me and I am traveling on and now entering another challenge.

Perhaps most hiker unfriendly section of the trail. A section in Tennessee where I was warned about getting rides and also am now at a hostel that the neighbor has sabotaged the water supply for. Also has put up a sign on the trail that the hostel is closed due to sickness.

I do plan to stay at this hostel overnight and hoping that water is restored and I can get a hot shower before setting off tomorrow towards Demascus which is known as one of the most hiker friendly town on the trail and hopefully will mark the end of these major challenges.

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