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Teacher & Snacktime

The Letter Home....sigh.

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Dear Adoring Fans.....and everyone else,

Let it be known throughout the land that the AT Trio has to this point accomplished many of their goals: A great train ride, lunch on the steps of the Capitol Bldg in DC, an educational tour of Harper's Ferry including 3, count 'em 3 Jr. Ranger Badges, distribution of approx 60 Trail Magic Bags hand-made by Snacktime for hikers, an educational tour of the South Mountain battlefields at Crampton, Fox and Turners Gaps (Fox Gap being the site of the Reno Monument and a battleground where future pres. Hayes and McKinley fought, admiring the view from Weverton Cliffs, visiting our first AT shelter complete with thru and section-hikers (Doc Bob, Bub, Big Dave and Old School), and resting/residing at 3 separate hostels, a treehouse and 2 campgrounds. Last night we even waited-out a thunder storm at the local biker-bar, had a really great meal, and Snacktime and Strife whiled away the hours shooting pool.

But Wait! That's not all! By the 3rd hiking day it was obvious that Snacktime was in the hiking groove. He started toting more pack weight than Teacher without even a hint of complaint, and went from a lagging 2nd in the queue to a leader who often had to be called back from being too far ahead! It was an amazing and wonderful transition to watch! When I asked how he was doing it, he told me he'd found his hiking song....."Be A Man" from Mulan played in his head while he moved along. Now if that's not a proud, teary Grandma (and Mom, and Dad, and Family) moment, I don't know what is.

So now the down side....I'm sure many of you have been thinking all along that for myself this endeavor is one of pure folly, and that you've been suspecting some form of illness or injury on my part would knock us off the trail and cut short our adventure; your suspicions my have been realized. I took a small, rather graceful slide in some wet grass mixed with mud on my way to the shower house last evening and appear to have damaged something in my ankle. All my standard remedies are failing (Pred, IB, SLEEP) and the injury is not improving. I can walk on it without real pain, but certainly not hike, and certainly not with an extra 15+ lbs on my back. We skipped today's hiking and got a shuttle ride to our current location, the Free State Hiker Hostel (a really beautiful place) to rest up for a day. Unfortunately I am not too hopeful, but we'll see what tomorrow brings. We can lodge here 1 day more if we must, but if signs aren't promising I see no point in bearing the cost of that.

What will this mean to the future of our hiking career? Not much, just a delay. We can do this, and with the help of Strife and his strength, support and security (as well as good company - he being the one to play chess, cards, pool, whatever to entertain Snacktime in the evenings), we can do this well. And we really have been having so much fun!

So, as soon as I'm able I'll update on what we'll be doing and where we'll be doing it....plans have been made for the end of this trek that MUST BE ACCOMPLISHED! Love to all and thanks for your support.............


This is the note posted to the Eddie's Challenge II - An Appalachian Trail Adventure Facebook page. Unfortunately, the outcome was not what we'd hoped, and we're off the trail and headed home....for now.

Updated 04-22-2013 at 01:53 by Teacher & Snacktime

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