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DEET and ticks

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Quote Originally Posted by fcoulter View Post
I did my good deed for the week last weekend, feeding the ticks of Central Florida.

It's not that I wanted to, but my 25% DEET Off didn't appear to convince the ticks to bother someone else. I thought DEET repelled ticks.

So, what's the story on ticks and DEET. Does it have to be a higher percentage? Does DEET work on ticks at all? Does DEET break down over time -- it was an old container of Off?

(I'd recommend against the Longleaf Pine Trail's loop section in the Etoniah Creek State Forest. In addition to being seriously overgrown, I could only find one or two blazes over the entire section. Unless you, too, want to feed the local wildlife.)
100% DEET seems to work for me. But coverage has to be thorough. All exposed skin needs to be covered, as well as socks and pant legs. It repels by the feel of the Deet, not from the odor or fumes. So if it needs thorough coverage. I use liquid. Rub in on your hands and then on exposed surfaces. It doesn't take much.
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