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Starchild approaches the 1/2 point in the journey

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There has been a lot going on and not much time to write. I will try to get some of this to you as its been a while since my last report.

First thing to mention is the last thing to happen. I crossed the Mason Dixon line into PA. The trail is a lot rockier as PA is known for as well as the place ( hiking ) boots go to die ( due to the sharp rocks). With that crossing I finally feel the huge accomplishment of walking from Georgia to here. From the deep south into northern territory.

I type this from Caladonia Park in PA and fast approaching the official 1/2 point. Weather has turned hot with the weather symble using a cactus. What this means is more water is needed for travel and I am hoping that the springs are well fed by what seemed to be a wet spring.

I also sent back quite a bit of gear about 2 lbs today mainly due to expected warmer weather. I suspect that my pack weight coming into towns for resupply (meaning with most all food gone) may be about 16 lbs. after this thru hike and for a short 1-2 night backpack I figure that a 12 pound pack may possible and is also amazing being close to 1/3rd the weight I started backpacking with many years ago.

The trail into PA seems more like common territory. A area that I feel I know and very frequent resupply opportunities . It's a comforting thought but in thinking about it I have to consider the far and most difficult section in Maine where I don't expect many resupply opportunities and leaving the comfort zone of being somewhat close to NY and really heading out into the great unknown of the AT where there is a comical map that states 'there be dragons here'.

Also a interesting Yogi'ing experence to share from the recently completed Shanadoas. At a overlook there was this vacationing couple from Colorado in a RV. As I pass through on the AT this couple start asking me questions about my journey. After a bit the guy asked me if I would like a sandwich and I accept. He goes in to the RV and makes me one and comes back out. Next the lady asked me if I would like a apple. I accept that too. She goes into the RV and brings me the apple. Then she goes back in and gets me blueberries then another food item and another. She keeps doing this and I watch in amazement till I finally had to tell her please no more at which time she stopped and I thanked them and continued on.

Why she made so many multiple trips I don't think I could explain in the natural world but I did see something that explains this to me as I see as Starchild and I am more then satisfied with this explanation as it works for me.

As that woman made those trips Starchild saw a different reality superimposed on ours. Our reality is just some filtered version of what is really going on and as Starchild I can see so much more . In this case that of Yogi Bear going into that RV and taking food a piece at a time and going back for more time and time again. I saw that just like the cartoon through the eyes of Starchild. In this world we can usually only see the result of the action the effect of the 'spirit' of Yogi is real though only through the eyes of starchildren can the actual bear be seen.

I liken this to the spirit of Christmas/Santa And all the other giving holidays of that season. To Starchild Santa is real but his appearance in this world is hidden and all we get to see is the effect of his 'spirit' that motivates the people to give as Santa would give.

Well there is much more to say but it is hard to find the time so I will end this one here.

Peace from mile 1083 of 2189
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