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Teacher & Snacktime

The Maine Event & Season Finale - Part 1 - Monson & The Silly Walkers

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In just over 48 hours Snacktime and I drove 900 miles in a whirlwind tour of AT towns and trailheads in northern Maine. It was to be our final trail magic trip of the season, as well as our last chance to catch up with some of our WhiteBlaze friends before they finished their thruhikes. The trip was a little crazy, a little disorganized and confused, and a lot of fun.

First off, we left at midnight Tuesday morning with the idea of meeting up with the Silly Walkers again for breakfast...this time in Monson, about 6 hrs (driving) away. We got there around 7:30am, having made stops in Kennebunk (service area for coffee), Freeport (LL Bean of course, at 3:30am), and Abbott (Abbott Bakery for breakfast). We arrived bleary-eyed at the door to the second-floor hiker hostel in Lake Shore House, and were greeted by cheerful, fully-awake Army Ant and OzJacko.

We had come to Monson to witness an "interesting event", about which Oz was keeping mum until our arrival, but which was then revealed to us as the very first "aeroblaze" of the Appalachian Trail. Apparently in a Cafe discussion it was stated by Hikerboy57 that there was "no such thing as an aeroblaze", and Oz was set to prove him wrong! (What that Aussie won't do to win an argument!)

The seaplane (or more precisely lakeplane) would be arriving at the town dock on Lake Hebron at noon to whisk away our intrepid foursome on yet another alternative to purist AT thruhiking. Spirits were high and chuckles were everpresent about this new twist and adventure, and Snacktime and I were there to bear witness. They were about to be Silly Flyers....emphasis on the silly, and they were having the time of their lives....and we got to be a part of it. It was great.

First however, we had some time to kill and some hikers to give goodies to. In the hostel we met Frost and Sunshine, NOBO thrus who were filming their trek to make into a movie, excerps of which can currently be seen on I had actually caught the first 2 installments of this that someone had posted on WB, and recognized Frost as a familiar...albeit unplaceable...face. When he explained where I might have seen him, I kidded Snacktime and told him to go pose with the movie star.

This would be the only encounter Snacktime would have with hikers for a while, for very shortly afterward he was zonked out on the couch in a very deep, much-needed sleep. So for the next couple of hours Grandma would be handing out the cookies and magic bags, and photos of BuckThirty, Just-another-old-guy-trying-to-outhike-the-grim-reaper (aka Richard), Eleven, Aspen, and Aristoddle would be Snacktime-free.

At 11:30 we got the young man up and headed to the town dock to await the plane. As it arrived Army Ant recorded Oz as he explained what they were up to and why, and I in turn recorded them. This venture would be well documented. Hugs and smiles and waves later, they were off on their way to White House Landing and an anticipated 4 more days of hiking to reach Katahdin.

Snacktime and I went back to the car and headed to the Monson trailhead to set up our station. be continued......

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