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Troll's 2010 AT Journal

Heading to EMS to do some shopping [PRE HIKE]

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I am going to head out to Eastern Mountain Sports this morning and look at backpacks. I love the backpack I have not but it is just not large enough to hold the cold weather gear that I will be starting with. I should rephrase that a little. I can fit all my cold weather gear in my current backpack but it is a very tight fit. I do want to have to struggle every morning in the cold to try and squeeze everything in the pack. I am going to try to find a bigger pack that I like that will fit everything in it with ease. Then when I get rid of my cold weather gear I will send the pack home and get my other one.

I am also going to buy another pair of shorts, look for a camera case to attach to my shoulder strap. I am contemplating buy an extra pair of boots. This way when my pair starts to get run down I can have the wife send them from home and will not have to look around for another pair.
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